Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

dark placesPublished on: May 5th 2009
Genre: Adult | Mystery

Libby Day was just seven years old when her evidence put her fifteen-year-old brother behind bars.

Since then, she had been drifting. But when she is contacted by a group who are convinced of Ben’s innocence, Libby starts to ask questions she never dared to before. Was the voice she heard her brother’s? Ben was a misfit in their small town, but was he capable of murder? Are there secrets to uncover at the family farm or is Libby deluding herself because she wants her brother back?

She begins to realise that everyone in her family had something to hide that day… especially Ben. Now, twenty-four years later, the truth is going to be even harder to find.

Who did massacre the Day family?



Gillian Flynn is really a one brave human. She writes honestly and brutally. This book was too graphic I had to put it down so many fucking times. I don’t know how many times I wanted to throw up because of some disturbing scenes *shivers*. I’ve read a lot of mystery books but none of them could compare how disturbing this book is.

No doubt Mrs. Flynn is really good at writing mystery books. I adored Gone Girl and I loathed Sharp Objects. Dark Places is like a combination of both. The mystery was really engrossing. I had so many theories as to what the fuck is going on and none of them were correct. I loved the conclusion of this book, it made sense unlike any other books I’ve read that goes too far, to the point that it was almost unbelievable.

The characters, however, are not likable. They are not. They really did bad things and made bad decisions in their lives. At first, it was hard to sympathize with them but it the end I did, I did.

Dark Places is really a gruesome book but beneath all these goriness is a sad fucking story.




  1. I’ve been meaning to try some Gillian Flynn books, but I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on them. Also, I think I might be too wimpy for super graphic stuff, but we’ll see. I might grab one from the library and see if I like it.

    Thanks for stopping by A Splash of Ink:)


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