Rating System & Review Policy

My reviews are honest, somewhat messy and my entire opinion. I’m not afraid to diss books, I’m not afraid to say what I feel while reading the book, and I’m not afraid of criticizing the book. I always used curse words to express what I feel, it doesn’t matter if the book is bad or good, just always remember I loved cursing. I loved complex and real characters. I am huge fan of mystery books. I hate love triangles.

5 stars – Amazing characters. Great plot. Endearing writing style. FEELS. 10/10 will read again. 10/10 will recommend.

4 stars – Amazing characters. Great plot. There are some flaws but who cares.

3 stars – It was okay. *raises eyebrow*

2 stars – Awful. I don’t even know how I managed to finished it.

1 star – The fuck did I just read *flips table*


REVIEW POLICY: I am currently accepting review requests at the moment. I accept ebooks (EPUB AND MOBI FORMAT ONLY), ehmerged, ARCS AND HARD COPIES.  Please contact me for inquiry. Also, please take note that I have others books lined up to read and review, so it might take me awhile to review your book and If I haven’t respond on your request there are only two possible reasons why: a) I haven’t read your email or b) I’m not interested.




  • Ebooks (EPUB, MOBI)
  • Arcs
  • Paperbacks

NOTE: Please, for the love of god, If your book is not on my preferred genre then don’t even think about sending me a request. It will most likely be ignored. 

You can reach me through email or you can leave a comment here (BUT I PREFER EMAIL HEHEHE). Thanks!

perkyreads @ gmail dot com


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